My Book Part One

Film Industry Book Call it Part One of many more. My book is about how to make it in the film industry. But really, you could take me and my friend’s tips and make it in any field. Evolve, invent,...

How I got started

Getting started in film and media This is the short version of how I began in the film and media industry. And you could apply my journey to any industry you are planning to enter. It’s all about creating a point of difference, to position yourself ahead of your...
How I got to the bottom of the ladder

How I got to the bottom of the ladder

At this point, I feel it important that you should now know a little about me, the pre-director, and how I got to where I am, in order for you to understand me, Ross, the director and author. My explanation of how I arrived at this point may well trigger some...

“Work hard and be nice to people.”

Matt Eastwood – Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of JWT

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