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Libby’s Retreat – Suzanne Hunt Architects

This was a great storytelling edit for me. Having shot the footage, then to weave the emotional journey of Libby the client, who having played a large part in the design of this stunning home from Suzanne Hunt Architects, passed away before it was completed. Enjoy....

Dementia ‘Supermarket’

This was one of three short films, the production of which I am most proud of, for many reasons. Firstly, I was dealing with a wonderful client in the City of Melville. They were most gracious and happy for me to guide them along the journey. It was a new experience...

Cisco Systems Body Logic

This was a shoot I captured over two days for production house 90 seconds; one before the Cisco System was installed and one after. This was a great example of producing remotely. I never met or saw the client or production team, all...

Women in STEMM – Zoe Bradfield

This film is one of six I'm extremely proud of. They feature prominent women from Curtin Uni engaged in, and fulfilling, lifelong dreams to be in STEMM; Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine. Awe-inspiring stuff.

Women in STEMM – Reena Tiwari

One of six films I shot and edited featuring prominent Curtin Uni women engaging in STEMM; Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine. Inspiring moments filming this, I must say.