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mykicks soccer app

This was invented in Perth by some geeks. It’s a cool app. You may be a little old to use it but you’ll dig it. Just in time for the Soccer World Cup in Russia land.

Generation One ‘Tiara’

Simple in their structure but all with a powerful message. This is another in a series of TVC’s my producer Troy Zafer and I created that show the young indigenous community are out there making a difference to their lives.

RIO TINTO Perth hub

I do like editing vision to music. So music is always key. I start with 5 or 6 tracks, drill down on a particular composer I like until I strike the right emotion. Found this track on It was perfect.

St. Ives Elisabeth & David

This is one of four films I created for Workhouse Advertising, driven entirely by the interviews. Storytelling is key, here. Having two cameras helped drive the emotion.

Woodside WMS ‘Change’

I went through my site recently and realised this film wasn't amongst it. I directed this through production company Indian Ocean Pictures and involved a four day shoot: two in the company's head office in Perth, and two at the Karratha Gas...

Christ Church Grammar School Old Boys

100 Years of Leaving... This film was made ostensibly from interviews; some captured in frenetic, minute windows, others with time and consideration. But content is king. Wonderful collaboration with Cameron McDiven.

Uber Supercars

Amazing what you can do in four hours. The client loved this film so much they launched it out of their San Francisco office. Over 50,000 views on youtube. Shot for PH 90 seconds.