TVC Production

Hart & Co Teaser

This was a half day shoot on the Sony FX9 camera, which was, in turn, on a Seeber dolly. Great pictures and we managed to shoot 3 commercials in the four hours. Wonderful crew in DoP Greg Knight, assisted by his son Michael. Two knights in...

Ross Tinney Commercials Reel 2020

I am working in post on another TVC, as at April 2020, so watch this space, as I'm pretty stoked with the result. In the meantime, here's a sample of the good bits gone by. Cheers.

Perron Institute B

This is the other ad for Perron Institute. Originally we were only making 1 x 30 second but such was the performance of every child we created a second ad and client was happy to alternate. All 12 kids got their moment in...

Perron Institute A

This is one of two ads we shot for client Perron Institute, via agency Longreach. A considerable casting effort drew out twelve little kids, each with quirky idiosyncrasies that came to life on shoot day. Filmed on the Arri...

Simonds ‘Style Angels’

A wonderful one day shoot in Melbourne on the Arri Alexa Mini. First time working with DoP Ed Goldner. It won't be the last. He was fantastic, as were the rest of the crew. Thanks to my Producer Troy Zafer, Writer Andrew Tinning and...

Simonds Homes ’70 Years of Firsts’

This is a gem. Two day shoot in Melbourne – the town of four seasons in one day. Lots of talent to cast, locations to scramble over – far apart from one another, sunrises to capture – far apart from one another. Client happy. The main thing.

Simonds Homes ‘Breaker Boyz’

This production had a pretty scary deadline and thankfully we had a focussed team. And creating a complete brand for a campaign relies on many individuals: writer, producer, director, choreographer, wardrobe stylist, DoP, gaffer, sound recordist, make-up artist, music composer, singers, post house, sound design and an agency and client utterly transparent in the communication […]

Simonds ‘Price Breaker’

This was a one day shoot that finished early, all because we cast the right talent and prepared very well. With an exploding end special effect at 1000 frames per second we needed to be sure about many elements, so underwent thorough testing with he DoP Mick McDermott, the Phantom Flex camera and the props […]