TVC Production

Perth Racing ‘Office’

Filmed over a half day. I think we finished early. Why? The talent was a class act. Most importantly, he had learnt his lines. End of story.

Dancow ‘Little Explorer’

When you are directing a three year old child who has never seen a large camera, let alone a film crew of fifty and a white man speaking a foreign tongue, one needs to tread carefully. So instead of filming outside in a garden during the...

Orbit Fitness ‘Home gym’

This TVC and four other ads, was filmed over two days on the Sony A7s. Neat little camera. Great talent, a combination of talent agencies and friends of friends. Filmed at the client's home and their store. DoP was Darrell Browne. Post at...

Pepsodent ‘Donut’

Filmed over two days on an Arri 35mm camera. The hero kid was a joy. To have him fighting a donut, he had to hold a green version. Then run away from nothing in particular. He convinced me. The over-sized donut at the end? I bounced a truck...

Fire & Resue ‘Lives at Stake’

How to burn a family - and their dog - at the stake. Ensure all public liability policies are current and cover pretend fires that can turn ugly. Build a big fire in winter and on a vacant lot far from everything. Start with close-ups of...

SGIO ‘Porsche’

One of four commercial in two days with various Eagles stars, including the coach John Worsfold. Creative Director Andrew Tinning.