TVC Production

Simonds Homes ‘Join the Movement’

Proud to upload a new online video production for Melbourne-based Simonds Group. Me director, Troy Zafer from Zac Creative Producer and written by brand guru Andrew Tinning. Agency This is US! with head Kate O’Hara seamlessly running the show. Perth creative, eastern states client, with 400,000 plus Youtube hits to date. Ya gotta love that! […]

Dept of Education ‘Wonder’

Filmed over one day on the Arri Alexa, with Allan Myles as DoP. We cast the hero talent. The rest were children from the school we filmed at. Great animation from Juan @ Office of John Cheese.

QBE ‘Perth Glory’

The casting of this film was the best bit. No, not the presenter or the Perth Glory team. They were a given. It was finding aged gentlemen to play the senior roles. I went down to the local bowling club, spoke to the players sitting at the...

Johnathan Thurston legend

You know when you see an iconic sports star on the tele, you wonder what kind of person he or she would be? I thought that Rugby League legend Johnathan Thurston would be a nice bloke; humble, easy to talk to, down to earth. I was spot on...

CBH ‘Tour de Wheatbelt’

Required meticulous,  detailed pre-production This was filmed over one long day out in the wheatbelt of Western Australia. The budget was challenging, so it required, meticulous, detailed pre-production. It meant the location was crucial,...

Betts TVC ‘Back to School’

This Betts TVC Filmed over two days on the Sony F55. As always, talent was crucial. Nine film students assisted on the shoot in all departments. I couldn't have done it without their wonderful support. DoP Richard Malins. Camera assistant...

WoW Homes

Casting is 80% of my role as director. From 2 years to 80, find the right talent and the rest will take care of itself. And so it was, with this Sandbox Production via agency Ad Impact. I think we exceeded expectations. Enjoy.

Juniper Aged Care

  Me, the team at Sandbox and the guys at agency BBAM created this cute little film for the aged care market that is alive and very aggressive.

Dept of Transport ‘merging’ TVC

Directing 3 to 5 year olds is like herding cats, with ADHD. As with all things directing, the biggest challenge is casting the right talent. Well, with kids this age there is a little bit of intuition and a large dose of 'let's see how it...

CBH ‘Truckies Driving Tired’

It's always really special when you get to direct a star or celebrity. But like most of these productions, there are challenges. This was a community service announcement to highlight the challenges truck drivers face after long hours...

Averna Homes

Directed this film over 10 hours on the Arri Alexa. Winner of a Silver Award at the 2016 ACS Awards for Cinematography. DoP David Le May.