About Ross Tinney

Film & TVC Director | Producer | Camera | Editor

About Ross Tinney

Film & TVC Director | Producer | Camera | Editor

Ross Tinney is a kiwi. He is also a highly respected film and TVC director.

Establishing RT Films in Australia and Indonesia

Ross Tinney started RT Films in 1985, having spent 7 years at Channel 7 Perth as Commercials Director and Program Director. Prior to that, Ross was 3 years as Commercials Director at South Pacific Television in NZ. Seeing an opportunity to expand into Asia, he opened RT Films in Indonesia in 1997, establishing RT as a quality production house in the SE Asia Region, directing some award winning commercials for Nestle, Unilever, Abbott, and SGM. He returned to Perth in 2008 to be with his family and to re-establish himself in the Australian market.


Mastering the industry: Film & TVC Director, Producer, Camera, Editor and Manager of Expectations

It’s been the passion for his craft that has kept him ‘driven’ in this wonderful industry. But here’s the thing. While he’s been directing, producing, shooting and editing all these years, he feels he has now wrapped all those skills into one role: manager of expectations.

From the CEO, to the marketing team, to the account manager, the writer, art director, the actors, crew and workers on the factory floor – they all have a different expectation on the product he is creating… right down to the most important person of all: the audience. It’s his job to keep everyone happy.

Ross Tinney believes this ability to understand what people want – workplace wisdom, if you like, has come from his experience dealing with a diverse range of individuals from countless corporations, communities and cultures around the world.

And the key to success? It’s simple. Work hard and be nice to people.


He is also focused on passing on his knowledge in business, media and human relations and, after gaining his Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, lectured in film and media, before embarking on his book, “MY P.O.V – Getting ahead in the film industry.”

Ross is married to beautiful wife Carole and has two wonderful sons, James and Harrison.

Some examples of Ross’ work

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